What an unforgettable 2023!

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    ECS end of 2023

    ECS has wrapped up a fulfilling 2023 filled with activities that enabled us to thrive as a business and as a team.

    30 Years Anniversary

    In 2023 we have reached the impressive milestone of our company’s 30th anniversary!

    Our journey has been marked by perseverance, resilience and a commitment to excellence.

    From our beginnings to the present days, we have built lastring relationships with our clients, partners and employees.

    This anniversary is a testament to the dedication and hard work of everyone who has been a part of our journey. As we celebrate this milestone, we reflect on the achivements, challanges and successes that have shaped us.

    Since it was a truly intense and satisfying year, which we are very proud of and which we want to remember, we have decided to share on our website the set of pieces that made this past 2023 a special year.

    The parts that allowed the gear to work so well are:

    • Invest for the future
    • Create new partnerships
    • Better meet our customers’ needs
    • Constantly update
    • Embarking on a Journey of Inspiration
    • Globalizing ECS: Expanding Our Reach to the World
    • Embracing Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Support
    • Share emotions

    Invest for the future

    In the full belief that investing for the future is fundamental, we have purchased a new warehouse near our main headquarters. This is a third warehouse located right in front of our headquarters. We have already started the renovation and preparation of the building which will be ready next year.

    Opening up a new warehouse brings exiting possibilities for both ECS and our valued clients.

    It’s not just about having more storage space; it’s about creating fresh opportunities.

    We’re committed to sreamlining our product deliveries, which means shorter wait times and more satisfying experience for you to meet your needs.

    We’re thrilled about the growth this new chapter will bring and we genuinely appreciate your ongoing trust in us.

    Let’s keep growing together!

    Create new partnerships

    Another fundamental part of our gear is the creation of new partnerships.

    We are convinced that, supported by valuable partners, we can achieve even greater results. This is why we are always open and looking for new companies with which to embark on new growth paths. Always keeping in mind that the main objective is to offer the best to our customers.

    E.C.S. and the new partnership with FTE by Valeo

    In the first months of 2023 we have developed a new partnership with FTE Automotive, a part of the Valeo Group. E.C.S. already became official dealer of the automotive supplier Valeo in January 2021.

    We are now proud of extending our collaboration also to the FTE Automotive brand.Thanks to this new collaboration we can offer our customers some interesting special offers.

    Read more.

    Better meet our customers’ needs

    Better meet our customers’ needs is like a mantra in ECS. it is the principle based on which we make decisions and which has always guided our business choices.

    Even during 2023 we did not contradict ourselves and we undertook activities that led us to improve the offer for our customers.

    New Holland tractors’ spare parts: a great opportunity for our clients

    Thanks to the activities carried out in 2022 in terms of public relations, marketing and participation in international fairs, we have expanded our network, integrating it with new selected suppliers.

    The goal has been to improve the offer for our customers. For this reason we have decided to add a series of specific spare parts for the agricultural sector to the products available in ECS.

    In ECS we are specialized in the supply of spare parts for any kind of machinery used on a farm to help with farming. The best-known example of this kind is the tractor and the countless kinds of farm implements that they tow or operate.

    From 2023 this wide range of spare parts was expanded with the addition of specific spare parts for New Holland tractors.

    Read more.

    High quality batteries for applications in cars, heavy vehicles and marine sector

    We are now able to better meet the needs of our customers in the field of power solutions with a wide choice of high quality batteries:

    • Batteries for cars (minimum quantity: 1 pallet)
    • Batteries for heavy vehicles
    • Batteries for boats and marine sector

    Read more.

    Constantly update

    Continuous learning through updating courses is crucial in today’s rapidly evolving world. Refresher courses empower individuals to stay abreast of the latest advancements.

    In professional spheres, staying current is synonymous with staying competitive. Technology, methodologies, and industry standards are in a constant state of flux, and updating one’s skills ensures relevance and adaptability. Moreover, these courses foster a culture of innovation and problem-solving, enabling professionals to tackle emerging challenges with confidence.

    Beyond career benefits, lifelong learning enhances personal growth, fostering a sense of accomplishment and curiosity. In essence, the importance of updating courses lies in their capacity to transform individuals into lifelong learners, equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of the modern world.

    With a view to both personal and corporate growth of our employees, we have invested in two courses:

    • Training and professional development for employees of the shipping office at the Pavia Chamber of Commerce
    • Engine update course carried out at the Bimotor Spa skill center

    Embarking on a Journey of Inspiration

    At ECS, we firmly believe in the power of participation in key events within our industry to remain abreast of the latest developments, fortify existing relationships, and forge new ones. Above all, we view these exhibitions as vital sources of inspiration, guiding us in understanding future trends and ensuring our customers benefit from the best solutions available.

    Here are the notable events we attended as visitors:

    ECS at Middle East Energy Dubai

    Middle East Energy Dubai – March 2023

    Middle East Energy Dubai transcended the typical trade show experience.

    It immersed us in the vibrant heart of the Middle East energy industry, providing a unique platform for learning, networking, and collaboration in advanced energy solutions.

    Engaging with industry pioneers broadened our perspective on energy advancements, making it an invaluable experience.

    ECS at INA PAACE Automechanika Mexico

    INA PAACE Automechanika Mexico – July 2023

    Participating in INA PAACE Automechanika Mexico, the International trade fair for the automotive industry in Latin America at the Citibanamex Center, was a point of pride for us.

    It offered an extraordinary experience delving into the automotive and parts industry in Latin America.

    The dynamic atmosphere allowed us to connect with industry leaders, explore trends, and deepen our understanding of emerging challenges and opportunities in the automotive landscape.

    ECS at Salone Nautico Genova

    Salone Nautico di Genova – September 2023

    Being part as a visitors of the prestigious 63rd edition of the Genoa International Boat Show was a delight.

    Immersing ourselves in maritime innovation and luxury, the event served as an incredible showcase of cutting-edge technologies.

    Our connection with industry leaders during the event holds promise for future collaborations within the marine community.

    ECS at Equip Auto Lyon

    Equip Auto Lyon – September 2023

    Attending Equip Auto Lyon 2023 proved to be an enlightening experience.

    The exhibition showcased the latest trends and innovations in the automotive industry, providing valuable insights into the evolving landscape of manufacturing and repair.

    Networking opportunities with key players in the sector allowed us to navigate through the diverse array of exhibitors and heightened our awareness of the industry’s rapid evolution.

    ECS at AAPEX Las Vegas

    AAPEX Las Vegas – November 2023

    Our visit to AAPEX Las Vegas was an unparalleled experience.

    Navigating through the latest automotive aftermarket innovations, we gained valuable insights into industry trends.

    Engaging with global experts and exploring cutting-edge technologies expanded our network and knowledge.

    AAPEX served as a dynamic hub, fostering connections and unveiling the future of automotive excellence.

    Moreover, the international scope of AAPEX Las Vegas introduced us to a global community of professionals, each contributing unique perspectives and approaches.

    Our participation transcended being mere spectators; it was an immersive journey into the heart of the automotive industry’s current pulse and future trajectory, leaving us inspired and well-equipped for the evolving challenges and opportunities ahead.

    ECS a Smopyc Zaragoza

    Smopyc Zaragoza – November 2023

    Participating in Smopyc Zaragoza as visitors proved to be an enriching experience.

    The expo showcased the forefront of construction and mining machinery.

    Engaging with industry leaders provided valuable insights, while witnessing cutting-edge technologies and equipment advancements broadened our understanding.

    Networking opportunities were abundant, fostering connections that may shape the future of construction practices.

    ECS at Czechbus 2023 Praga

    Czechbus 2023 Praga – November 2023

    Attending Czechbus 2023 in Prague, allowing us to explore the latest in public transport innovations. This experience expanded our knowledge and fostered valuable industry connections.

    In essence, our journey through these events goes beyond being mere observers. It’s a commitment to staying informed, inspired, and well-equipped to navigate the dynamic landscapes of our industries. We look forward to applying these experiences in providing innovative solutions for our valued clients.

    Globalizing ECS: Expanding Our Reach to the World

    In our pursuit of introducing ECS services to a global audience, we took a significant step by participating for the second consecutive year as exhibitors in Automechanika Dubai

    Automechanika Dubai

    ECS at Automechanika Dubai 2023

    Our participation as exhibitors at Automechanika Dubai in October 2023 surpassed our expectations, offering an unparalleled experience. Our dedicated stand quickly became a focal point for industry enthusiasts, proudly displaying our latest services and solutions. Interacting with a global audience provided us with invaluable insights into emerging market trends and customer preferences.

    The vibrant atmosphere of the exhibition hall served as an energetic backdrop for networking with industry leaders, potential collaborators, and customers alike. We seized this opportunity to cultivate meaningful connections that hold the potential to shape the future trajectory of our business. The exchange of ideas and experiences with fellow exhibitors further enriched our understanding of the industry landscape.

    The exposure gained from this event is anticipated to translate into sustained business growth and heightened visibility in the months ahead. In essence, our participation in Automechanika Dubai 2023 was more than a mere showcase; it was a transformative experience that solidified our presence in the Middle East, paving the way for future success and collaborative endeavors.

    Support and Corporate Social Responsibility for the Community

    At ECS, we deeply understand the significance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and actively contributing to the well-being of the community in which we operate. CSR, for us, is not just a checkbox; it’s a fundamental aspect of our business philosophy that extends beyond mere profit maximization. It embodies ECS’s unwavering commitment to ethical operations, fostering economic development, and enhancing the overall quality of life for our employees and society at large.

    In line with these principles, we have undertaken meaningful activities to contribute to the betterment of the community around us. Specifically, we’ve been proud sponsors of various initiatives, including:

    Olympic Center Stradella

    Supporting the gymnastics team at the Olympic Center Stradella, a stalwart in the field of artistic gymnastics since its inception in 1979. This support involves the purchase of sporting items, such as water bottles, for the dedicated athletes who have achieved remarkable success and national titles in FGI.

    ECS Soccer Team

    Proudly participating in the XI edition of the Summer Cup 2023, we assembled a fantastic team of ECS employees for the Verretto tournament. Our passion for football extends from the field to the office, where teamwork and excellence have propelled us to be the market leader in spare parts for top European brands. We not only play the game but also support it on and off the field, embodying the spirit of fun and camaraderie.

    Pane Quotidiano

    We have extended our support to Pane Quotidiano, a non-profit association operating in our city. This organization, meaning “daily bread,” is dedicated to ensuring free food and necessities for the vulnerable sections of our population, without any discrimination. Our donation of basic necessities contributes to their admirable work, including monthly distributions of food parcels and clothes, especially for children.

    Share emotions

    Throughout the year, in addition to studying, working and doing our best, we also had fun.

    We shared special moments that allowed us to get to know each other better as people beyond the normal working relationship.

    We used the trips to get to know each other better, the courses to exchange opinions, the trips to share adventures. All this brought us even closer and made us proud to be part of the ECS team.

    Want to see some fun pictures of our team? We invite you to visit our new instagram profile!

    ECS New Instagram Profile

    New Instagram profile

    Explore the highlights of our year! 

    Visit and Join us on our Instagram page to catch the exclusive 2023 Recap.

    Don’t miss out on the moments that made this year unforgettable.

    We hope we have conveyed you with the summary of our year, this 2023 has been a wonderful year, marked by growth, achievement of goals, strengthened customer relationships, and successful collaborations with suppliers.

    This milestone year, which included the celebration of our 30th birthday, witnessed the realization of both major and minor objectives, the expansion with new team members, the inauguration of a new warehouse, and the initiation of strategic projects. Yet, amidst these corporate triumphs, we recognize the true value lies in sharing our successes with the community.

    We are very happy to have been able to share all this with you. We can’t wait to dive head first into the new adventures that await us in 2024.