Here it comes the multi-approach! Innovation and optimization in the Logistic area.

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    Here at ECS, we place the utmost importance on the full satisfaction of our customers.

    In addition to the quality of the products we offer and a specialized sales staff at your disposal to help you identify the component that perfectly fits your application, we owe our success to another area of ​​our company: the Logistics Area.

    Logistics is a world in constant and fast evolution. To best meet the needs of this sector and be at the forefront in the service offered to our customers, our logistics area managers have worked on the reorganization of the area, transforming it into a strength of our company.

    Thanks to years of experience and teamwork aimed at optimizing processes, the result obtained has led to a truly effective and efficient structuring of logistics. We like to talk about this new model as a great innovation that has brought ECS logistics to an effective and efficient organization of the logistics in a multi-approach.

    Logistic multi-approach

    ECS is growing as a company and the logistics department is improving to meet our customers’ requests in an efficient and quality way.

    In the handling of goods, each operation must be carried out with precision and must be organized so that delivery is correct, punctual and rapid. This is why we have concentrated our commitment and our energies in the reorganization of the company logistics, coming to create the multi-approach.

    Why are we talking about multi-approach?

    In reference to the new organization methodology of our logistics area, our expert managers have introduced process optimizations that have allowed us to significantly improve the organization of our logistics on several fronts.

    • Multi Place: Double warehouses, one 100% functional from the Receiving to the Packing process and one full dedicated to the Shipment Forwarders Pick up (divided by different shipping method sea, air, truck)
    • Multi Customer: simultaneous preparation of several customers orders
    • Multi Picking & Stock: organization of goods in different store locations to facilitate the logistic activities

    Multi Place

    With the aim of speeding up warehouse operations and offering our customers a more effective and efficient service, we have doubled the warehouses

    • Receiving, Store Inn and Packing Area: where incoming products are promptly delivered, unloaded and stored, without waiting times (multi supplier receipt at the same time)
    • Shipping Area: Stock area where parts ready for shipment are waiting to the specific transport needs (sea, air, truck)

    This reorganization has allowed us to optimize our Customers and Suppliers Drivers waiting time, minimizing the stops.

    Multi Customer

    Thanks to the years of experience gained in the sector, our experts have managed to design a truly functional warehouse management system.

    The redesign of the warehouse’s storage system, resulted from an in-depth study of the logic requirements and from the complete knowledge of the specific needs of your Company.

    This efficient internal reorganization allows us to guarantee the simultaneous preparation of several orders. Orders destined to several customers are handled simultaneously without the risk of errors.

    The multi-approach allows to guarantee the same quality and precision that have always distinguished us while speeding up the full order management timing process

    We have reduced the 50% Inbound process time, the 38% for the picking time and 27% of orders goods packing.

    Multi Picking & Stock

    The new storage system provides the organization of goods in different types of store locations to facilitate the Parts identification and the orders picking activities according to the specific packaging process for the customer’s needs.

    An important innovation involved the introduction of a new storage system for smaller items. They are now cataloged, categorized and stored in specific multi-level locations.

    All this has produced concrete and measurable results in improving order preparation times. It has also greatly simplified warehouse management for operators and allows us to ensure even greater efficiency for our customers.

    The precision with which even the smallest pieces have been organized allows the optimization of order preparation processes.

    Not just logistics. Discover our customization services!

    The innovative organizational model of the logistics area is flanked by the services of packaging, labeling, quality control.

    Let’s see in detail what these services consist of.

    Customized packages

    Years of experience and reliable suppliers have taught us that the ability to customize the way spare parts are packaged following the customers needs

    Each customer has their own specific packaging needs, for this reason we offer a really flexible packaging service.

    Each project is customized and followed with extreme care, from the verification of the suitability of the packaging with respect to the content, up to the personalization with logo or branded tape, based on the OEMs requirements.

    The Shipment re-packaging is one of our excellences, reducing the shipment volume for the average 37% to 45%, cutting the Customer shipping cost of 15% average.

    Good packaging guarantees the integrity of products and is a sign of quality and therefore visibility of the brand. Our packing guarantee that the goods will not be damaged during all stages of the shipment. Our transport claim values are less than 0,2% of total invoicing per Year.

    Labels according to all requests

    Depending on the country, the packaging labeling requirements imposed by law can vary very much. Furthermore, the constantly evolving regulations often lead to the need to adapt the labeling of packaging according to the new regulation of the country or commercial area.

    Our multi-year experience in the supply of spare parts all around the world allows us to offer a reliable service to meet all particular requests for the labelling of the goods imposed by foreign countries.

    We are able to personalize labels, packages and boxes according to Customers Languages and/or Custom Authorities needs.

    In particular the labels can be made in any material and format, both neutral and printed:

    • standard paper
    • fluorescent paper
    • colored paper
    • polypropylene
    • PET and PVC
    • RFID tag labels
    • Sticky labels
    • Sheets labels

    Fast shipping at low cost

    Thanks to the close cooperation with main international forwarding agents, we are able to build relationships that provide a convenient solution which grant a fast and economical service to our customers.

    We can arrange shipments such as LCL or FCL by air or by sea or by truck.

    AS Italian Customs Authorized Exporter, once goods have been shipped, we also grant to our Customers the fastest and complete shipping documentation portfolio such as Bill of Lading, AWB, CMR, EUR1, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Conformity necessary to deliver or clear through customs the goods.

    In addition to the introduction of an innovative, effective and efficient multi-approach to our logistics, in the past years at E.C.S. we have faced the procedures for recognition as Approved Exporter, Approved Place and the registration to REX – Registered Export System, with the clear goal of improving the service offered to our customers.

    Thanks to the experience that our staff gained over the years and the in-depth knowledge of the subject we successfully obtained the Approved Exporter status and the registration to REX – Registered Export System in 2019, and Approved Place status in 2020.

    High Quality Control of spares

    At ECS we use RFID high technology for the supervision and control of all goods entering and leaving our warehouse to automatically identify the goods

    RFID identification system is a technologically advanced solution for the logistics sector that ensures maximum precision in locating, managing and packing goods

    The identification system using RFID technology is able to pass through all materials: wood, plastic and paints, so that the tags can be incorporated into any material that constitutes the packaging to be traced.

    Advantages of using RFID technology

    • Efficiency: data acquisition is really effective and precise, even without a human presence
    • Flexibility: there are no limitations for placing tags on objects and materials
    • Robustness: tags are less sensitive to moisture and/or dirt than other systems

    All the comfort of working with E.C.S.

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    Are you looking for a reliable partner not only for the quality of the products offered, but also for the efficiency and effectiveness Logistic integrated flow?

    Our efficient logistics systems ensure that you’ll get the part you need when you need it.

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