E.C.S. is Approved Place: all the advantages for your company

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    ECS is Approved Place

    In order to guarantee a better service to our customers, in January 2020 we started the procedures to obtain the so-called “Approved Place”. The authorization was approved and granted in May 2020, after following the entire evaluation and analysis procedure.

    E.C.S. is Approved Place since May 2020.

    This means that E.C.S. SRL is able to make Custom operations directly in its store instead of at the Customs office. This innovation leads to a simplified management of Customs operation.

    Obtaining the Approved Place status has meant a lot for the efficiency of our company and made us able to improve our customer service.

    We are now able to concentrate all customs operations on a single customs clearance point within our company and therefore reduce bureaucracy times, making the goods arrive at their destination first outside national borders.

    What does Approved Place mean?

    An approved place is a place which has been designated and recognized in advance by the customs authorities where the goods can be presented. 

    This means that Union goods which are part of an export declaration, can be presented at the so called Approved Place, instead of at the customs office.

    In practice, economic operators can apply for an authorisation for import as well as export, but also an authorisation exclusively for the presentation of Union goods for export purposes.

    With this authorization, the company can export and import its products avoiding the passage through Customs, replacing it by self-certifying the information relating to the exported or imported goods. 

    The goods, therefore, leave and arrive already cleared through customs directly from the company’s warehouses, freed from any customs formalities. 

    E.C.S. asked the Approved Place authorization for exports only.

    Advantages of being an Approved Place

    Having been recognized as Approved Place, E.C.S. owns an Authorization for the completion of customs operations at our Warehouse, in a Simplified Procedure managed by an internal operator. 

    For the completion of customs procedures relating to the shipments of our customers, we operate directly, without the need to rely on an external customs operator.

    Thanks to the experience that our staff gained over the years and the in-depth knowledge of the subject we are now completely autonomous.

    The structure has a customs area for export operations that are carried out on site through computerized systems:

    • Faster handling and fewer delays in logistic trade flows 
    • Simplification of the logistic process: thanks to the avoidance of an extra stop.
    • Real-time receipt of the “exit visa” for exports from the EU exit Customs
    • Great time saving thanks to the elimination of waiting times for goods at Customs 
    • Formalities and especially emergencies are immediately carried out.
    • Average delay of thirty days for the payment of customs duties (duty and VAT).

    All the comfort of working with E.C.S.

    In the past years at E.C.S. we have faced the procedures for recognition as Approved Exporter, Approved Place and the registration to REX – Registered Export System, with the clear goal of improving the service offered to our customers.

    Thanks to the experience that our staff gained over the years and the in-depth knowledge of the subject we successfully obtained the Approved Exporter status and the registration to REX – Registered Export System in 2019, and Approved Place status in 2020. 

    We are now able to guarantee our customers all the comfort of Simplified Procedure managed by our internal operators. We can offer our customers: 

    • Faster handling and fewer delays in logistic trade flows 
    • Speed and simplification of the customs bureaucracy
    • Substantial time savings
    • Immediate handling of problems and emergencies

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