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    Iveco Service Kits offer 2022

    What can E.C.S. do for you in this hot season?

    At E.C.S. we have prepared for you 4 different types of Iveco first maintenance service kits. Furthermore, to guarantee our customers the highest quality, we added additional premium Titanx cooling kits.

    Thanks to our customer focus and the technical expertise of our staff, we can help you to find the best kit to meet your needs.

    The hot season is almost here and you should absolutely remember to do the service to your truck.

    The truck service is not required by law but to make sure that the various parts are kept in perfect condition in order to avoid unpleasant failures that may be found over time.

    This becomes even more important as the warm season approaches. High temperatures could in fact accelerate the deterioration of components.

    We suggest that you make your vehicle’s service in advance to continue driving calmly even during the hottest season.

    How often should you have your truck serviced?

    The timing with which to carry out the first service on your vehicle may vary according to the engine or type of vehicle in use. For example the parent company recommends making the first service at the Iveco Daily within 15.000 km of purchase. Subsequent servicing can be done with a cadence of 30.000 km.

    As a rule, we all know the service is usually carried out once a year, but our advice is to anticipate it since, due to the heat, some pieces and components suffer and decompose more easily.

    With the hot season it also comes the increasingly frequent use of air conditioning on board of trucks, to ensure a greater comfort for the driver.

    For example, if you do not change the oil filter various car engine mechanisms could be affected. Especially the lubrication circuit where dirt accumulates. With an always clean or new oil filter, lubrication remains constant.

    The air filter is a fundamental element, the air is cleaned from dust and insects before reaching the engine. In fact, for combustion to take place, it is necessary for the air to mix with the fuel.

    The fuel filter is used to purify the diesel from all debris and impurities that can end up inside the diesel. Just think of rust or dust. By passing through the filter, the diesel is deprived of these impurities and can enter the engine without causing problems.

    4 Iveco’s maintenance service kits

    As a global player in the world of transport, Iveco is an international leader in the development, production, sale and service of a wide range of light, medium and heavy industrial vehicles.

    Iveco also produces special vehicles for defense, civil protection and specific missions such as fire fighting and, under the Iveco Bus brand, vehicles for transporting people. The vehicles adopt the most modern engine technologies, applied to a full range of diesel engines and alternative power supplies. These include methane (CNG), bio-fuels and hybrid technologies and electric propulsion.

    Iveco also offers an excellent service in the field of replacement parts and vehicle maintenance.

    By combining Iveco’s first service maintenance kits and the excellent Titanx products, we have prepared 4 options for the correct engine operation such as:


    The Iveco Stralis service kit comprehends:

    • fuel filter code 5801516883 IVECO
    • engine oil filter code 5801415504 IVECO
    • air filter code 5801400571 IVECO
    • secondary fuel filter code 5801620130 IVECO
    • 1 dryer filter code 2992261 IVECO or 1 Knorr dryer filter code II40F001 KNORR
    • engine breather code 5801856860 IVECO

    It also includes:

    • expansion vessel kit code XT159007 TITANX
    • compressor kit code CM159003 SANDEN
    • TITANX Cooling Kit code RX159005

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    The IVECO F1AE3481 Daily service kit comprehends:

    • fuel filter code 500086009
    • engine oil filter code 2995811 IVECO
    • air filter code 5801317096 IVECO

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    The IVECO F1CE0481 Daily service kit comprehends:

    • fuel filter code 2992300
    • engine oil filter code 2995811 IVECO
    • air filter code 1903669 IVECO

    It also includes:

    • compressor kit code CM359005 SANDEN

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    The Iveco Tector service kit comprehends:

    • fuel filter code 2992241
    • engine oil filter code 2992242 IVECO
    • air filter code 42553256 IVECO
    • separator filter code 1908547 IVECO

    It also includes:

    • expansion vessel kit code XT159004 TITANX
    • compressor kit code CM1590020 SANDEN
    • TITANX Cooling Kit code RX159015.

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    What are you waiting for?

    Take advantage of this exclusive promotion only available for the months of June, July and August 2022.

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    Minimum purchase quantity: 3 kits. Valid only for the purchase of the complete kit.

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