Valeo and E.C.S.: our new partnership with the automotive aftermarket specialist

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    Valeo Partnership with E.C.S.

    We are proud to announce our new partnership with the automotive supplier Valeo. Valeo Company designs innovative solutions to respond to three main challenges: smart mobility, intuitive driving and CO2 reduction.

    The Valeo story started in 1923 in a workshop in Saint-Ouen, just outside of Paris, France. Over 90 years later, the company became a world-leading global automotive supplier operating in 33 countries and partnering with automakers worldwide.

    Valeo Service in particular, as part of the Valeo Group, is the automotive aftermarket specialist department. Valeo Service provides Original Equipment Spares (OES) and replacement parts and accessories to the Independent Aftermarket (IAM)

    Valeo spare parts main expertise are on:

    • Transmission systems
    • Air conditioning
    • Wiping systems
    • Lighting systems
    • Cooling & Air management
    • Electrical systems

    Inside Valeo Group

    Valeo activity is structured around four main Business Groups:

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    • Driving Assistance Systems – making driving safer, more autonomous and better connected through perception systems and artificial intelligence. Providing reinvented mobility solutions and human-machine interfaces. Resulting in an innovative user experience.
    • Powertrain Systems – developing comprehensive, integrated electric powertrain solutions for all vehicles categories, from small urban cars to premium sedans, and technologies to make internal combustion engines cleaner.
    • Thermal Systems – reducing pollutant emissions from internal combustion engines, optimizing the driving range and battery life of hybrid and electric vehicles, and improving comfort and well-being for passengers in the cabin.
    • Visibility Systems – designing and producing innovative and efficient lighting and washing systems for safer, more comfortable manual driving and for an improved and enhanced travel experience in autonomous vehicles.

    Valeo Service is the Aftermarket Specialist serving both auto manufacturers with original equipment spares and the independent aftermarket with replacement parts and accessories for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

    Valeo Wipers and Wiping Systems

    As one of the leading wiper systems original equipment manufacturer, Valeo brings to the aftermarket a complete range of wiper blades and wiper motors.

    The company maintains its lead through style and innovative technologies, originating from O.E. technology.

    The offer of Valeo wipers includes a comprehensive range of front and rear wiper, that are designed to be attractive, efficient, easy to adapt to all vehicle types according to the market and the country.

    Moreover Valeo closely collaborates with vehicle manufacturers on future wiping technologies.

    This collaboration aims to project and produce even more advanced wiping systems: aerodynamic, noiseless and blending flawlessly with the vehicle’s styling.

    Valeo Clutch and Transmission Systems

    Valeo Transmission Systems for powertrain architectures use innovative technologies to guarantee an efficient and comfortable power transfer from the engine to the transmission. All this coupled with the goal of reducing fuel consumption.

    All Valeo clutches are projected and manufactured according to the highest quality standards. The products offered are really efficient and reliable, able to perform in the most hostile operating environments.

    Moreover Valeo’s research and development department constantly works to obtain a greater reduction of clutch noise and vibrations.

    The aim is to offer consumers a smoother and more comfortable ride with enhanced driver comfort through better gear changes.

    Valeo Alternators and Starters

    Valeo provides the Aftermarket with one of the best offer in starters and alternators: over 100,000 starters and alternators units per day worldwide on its production.

    The company boasts a strong leadership in Original Equipment and more than 30 years in remanufacturing, and it is thus recognized as a leader in Europe and a key player on the global market for the production of efficient and high quality alternators and starters.

    One out of three vehicles is fitted with a Valeo machine as original equipment.

    The Valeo double range, New for New and Standard Exchange, includes latest innovations from power efficiency machines, O.E. quality spare parts to Stop-Start systems and supply all major car, light commercial and heavy-duty manufacturers from low-end to luxury vehicle segments.

    Where is Valeo located?

    As a global automotive supplier, Valeo operates in 33 countries.

    • In Europe: France, Slovakia, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Romania, Turkey, Finland, Spain, Poland, Norway, Ireland, Hungary, Belgium.
    • In Asia: China, Japan, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia
    • In America: United States, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Argentina
    • In Africa: Tunisia, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt

    Valeo products

    As Valeo Official Partner, at ECS we offer a wide range of Valeo spare parts.

    Valeo Trucks spare parts

    E.C.S. can provide you with the following Valeo spare parts for Trucks:

    • Air conditioning for Trucks: as one of the world’s leaders and Specialist in Air Conditioning and cabin filtration systems, Valeo offers the excellence in air conditioning cleaners, cabin air filters, cabin air purifyers, compressors, receiver dryer
    • Braking Systems for Trucks: as a truck multi-specialist and a major player in braking systems, Valeo provides braking solutions for Heavy Duty professionals aiming for cost savings and quality products. Thanks to extensive research and development which includes a strict validation process for friction materials, all Valeo brake pads comply with international standards and exceed ECE-R90 requirements. Valeo’s offer for trucks has an impressive coverage rate on major trucks applications in brake pads range and includes optiPACK™, brake discs, brake linings and brake shoe kits to complete a full offer for the truck braking system.
    • Cooling and Air Management for Trucks: Valeo is a thermal loop specialist in engine cooling for trucks. The product offer includes radiators and intercoolers, radiators without frames, and radiator – intercooler cores.
    • Electrical Accessories for Trucks: Valeo offers a large range of Electrical Accessories for commercial vehicles ensuring replacement parts availability for new applications. The offer is as well aligned with OE requirements.
    • Electrical Systems for Trucks: Valeo provides the Aftermarket with one of the best offer in starters and alternators. The offer includes new and remanufactured products and a range of innovative services, like core identification system and core collection.
    • Security Systems for Trucks: long last replacement parts in mechanical security systems such as mechanical steering column locks or latches.
    • Lighting Systems for Trucks: as a Lighting Systems specialist for heavy duty vehicles Valeo offer includes fog lamps, front signal lamps, lighting bulbs, etc.. The company also developed less power consuming products in order to help decrease CO2 emissions.
    • Transmission Systems for Trucks: all Valeo clutches are manufactured to the company’s highest quality standards. The products are efficient and reliable and ensure reduced noise and vibrations.
    • Switches Systems for Trucks: the offer spreads from simple turn signals, head lights and wipers functions to latest more complex technologies in which Valeo is pioneer.
    • Wiping Systems for Trucks: a comprehensive range of front and rear wiper blades designed to be attractive, efficient, easy to adapt to all vehicle types.

    Valeo spare parts for LCV, Bus and Coach, Automotive

    E.C.S. can provide you with the following Valeo spare parts for LCV, Bus and Coach and Automotive industry:

    • Air conditioning: actuators, receiver dryer, condensers, compressors, heater cores, ventilation blowers, expansion valves, pressure switches, control electronics, evaporators, accumulators, sensors, orifice tubes, etc.
    • Braking Systems: brake pads and discs, shoes and fitting kits, brake fluid and hydraulic parts.
    • Driving and parking assistance: automatic activation lighting systems, head up displays, lane departure warning systems, parking assistance kit, etc.
    • Electrical Accessories: windows regulator mechanisms, horns, standard relays, air powered horns, flasher unit relays, electronic horns, etc.
    • Electrical Systems: alternators, starters, pulleys
    • Engine Filtration: air filters, oil filters and fuel filters
    • Engine Management Systems: speed sensors, fuel gauges, fuel pump filters, air temperature sensors, camshaft sensors, spark plugs, oil pressure sensors, ignition coils, knock sensors, injectors, etc.
    • Cooling & Air Management: air intake throttles, egr exchangers, auxiliar radiators, cooling modules, complete fan systems, engine cooling fans, egr valves, motor fans, intercoolers, radiator caps, radiators, thermostats, thermoswitchs, water temperature sensors, water pumps, air coolers, etc.
    • Security Systems: door lock, door handles, fuel tank caps, steering column locks, scl (housing, switches, barrels)
    • Lighting Systems: headlamps, rear lamps, fog lamps, lighting bulbs, electronic ballasts, etc.
    • Transmission Systems: clutch master cylinders, clutch kit, dual mass flywheels, concentric slave cylinders, clutch release cylinders, clutch release bearings, clutch discs
    • Switches and Detection Systems: from simple turn signals, head lights and wipers functions to latest more complex technologies in which Valeo is pioneer
    • Wiping Systems: wiper blades and wiper motors

    Valeo spare parts for Construction and heavy equipment replacement parts

    E.C.S. can provide you with the following Valeo spare parts for Construction and heavy equipment replacement parts:

    • Electrical Systems: alternators and starters
    • Security Systems: long last replacement parts in mechanical security systems such as mechanical steering column locks or latches
    • Lighting Systems: headlamps, rear lamps, fog lamps, lighting bulbs, electronic ballasts, etc.
    • Wiping Systems: a comprehensive range of front and rear wiper blades designed to be attractive, efficient, easy to adapt to all vehicle types

    The offer covers all kinds of construction equipments including excavators, motor graders, wheel loaders, vibratory compactor rollers, bulldozers, skid steer loaders and compact track loaders.

    Valeo spare parts for Agriculture and earthmoving spares

    E.C.S. can provide you with the following Valeo spare parts for Agriculture and earthmoving spares:

    • Electrical Systems: wiper blades and alternators. A specific range is available even for gardening tools.

    Where to buy Valeo parts?

    As Valeo Official Partner, at E.C.S. we offer a wide range of Valeo spare parts with high commitment to our customers’ satisfaction.

    We work to guarantee the highest standard in our service and maximum efficiency and flexibility to better answer our customers specific needs.

    Why choose E.C.S. as Valeo supplier?

    In order to respond every need we offer the following customized services:

    Customized packages

    Once the goods reach our store, quality and quantity controls are executed by our storemen, then spare parts are re-packaged in order to reduce volume and cut shipping costs.

    We can use either wooden pallets, fumigated pallets or plywood pallets. Our packing guarantee that the goods will not be damaged during all stages of the shipment, for example rubber parts are put into black bag, our boxes are resistant and heavy-duty

    Personalized labelling

    E.C.S. multi-year experience in the supply of spare parts all around the world allows the company to offer a reliable service to meet all particular requests for the labelling of the goods imposed by foreign countries.

    We are able to personalize labels, packages and boxes according to Customers and/or Custom Authorities needs.

    Fast Shipping at low cost

    Thanks to the close cooperation with main international forwarding agents, we were able to build relationships that provide a convenient solution which grant a fast and economical service to our customers.

    We can arrange shipments such as LCL or FCL by air or by sea or by truck.

    Once goods have been shipped, we also grant to our Customers an after sale services which include issue and dispatch of all shipping documents such as Bill of Lading, AWB, CMR, EUR1, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Conformity necessary to deliver or clear through customs the goods.

    High Quality Control of spares

    We use RFID high technology for the supervision and control of all goods entering and leaving our warehouse to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information which allows us an efficient management of the stock.

    Other 2 reasons to choose E.C.S. as Valeo dealer

    1. Approved Exporter

    In September 2019, after an audit which aim is to demonstrate that the Company can give properly proof of the preferential origin of the exported goods, E.C.S. SRL obtained the “Approved Exporter status”.

    E.C.S. SRL can declare in its invoices the details of the goods (preferential origin); this declaration substitutes the issuance of the EUR 1 movement certificate for the exports towards Countries that have a trade agreement with EU (South Korea, Chile, Serbia, Algeria,Tunisia, Morocco, Israel).

    2. Approved Place

    From January 2020, E.C.S. SRL has started the procedures to obtain the so-called “Approved Place“. This procedure was approved and granted in May 2020.

    This means that E.C.S. SRL will be able to make Custom operations directly in its store instead of at the Customs office. This innovation will lead to a simply management of Customs operation.

    Valeo spares special offer

    As the official dealer of the Valeo brand, E.C.S. is able to offer its customers special offers on excellent products.

    This offer could be a great opportunity for your business. Contact us!

    Below you can find our special offers.

    Valeo CLUTCH KIT 805457

    moq 12 pcs

    Exports to all parts of the world.

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