E.C.S. and Ferval: a global brand in the professional tool industry

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    Ferval Tools

    To better satisfy our clients’ need, at E.C.S. we have decided to add the Ferval professional tools to our offer. The verified quality of the tools proposed is the reason that led us to this collaboration.

    Ferval is a reliable tool brand offering a comprehensive range of high performance and superior quality tool selections to meet the demands of today’s professional users.

    Being a quality-oriented tool company, Ferval looks forward to leading the continual advancement of the tools not only just through research and development, but also by being guided by what is in the hearts and souls of end-users around the world.

    Ferval S.r.l – Company Profile

    Ferval is specialized in the design, production and sale of standard and special hand tools, customized tool kits and professional tools.

    As a concrete expression of the efficient Italian (Emilian) entrepreneurship, Ferval is an industrial company that has been designing, manufacturing and marketing hand tools and tool kits for the OEM market and professional tools for industry and the after market since 1977.

    E.C.S. offer of Ferval professional tools

    With 700,000 kits/year, Ferval is leader in the manufacture of tool kits for different industry (such as agriculture, earthmoving, construction, woodworking, drills, tractors, trailers), and it can offer endless possibilities for product customisation, including:

    • Possibility to choose between different quality levels based on customer requirements;
    • Branding and marking on the tool;
    • Branding of the tool case with company logo and colours;
    • Assortment of kits customised for specific fields;
    • Customisation of the type of tool case with a choice of different models and materials.

    As well as production of standard hand tools, Ferval has always been considered a leader in the field of hand tools made for customer design.

    Ferval can offer the right tool for every individual production demand when companies cannot find what they need in the classic range of standard tools.

    Something more about Ferval

    The company premises and areas cover 10.000 sq. m and were designed in order to benefit from maximum functionality. All the various stages in the production process are carried out in house, including the study, manufacturing assembly, testing and shipment of all products.

    Ferval’s products are made entirely in-house with totally automated and technologically advanced systems. Single/Double tubular wrenches and combination socket wrenches for removing spark plugs, for gardening, agricultural and motorcycling applications are one concrete example.

    Ferval is able to produce 7 million combination socket wrenches with 7 robotic welding workstations.

    Certified Quality

    Ferval uses a network of specialized suppliers and its particular attention to the choice of raw materials highlights a careful sensitivity to obtain increasingly safe and reliable products.

    The efficient “Quality Control” department periodically subjects the products to tests and strict quality controls.

    An efficient “Technical & Quality” department tests products and carries out strict quality control. Ferval products combine expert technical know-how, high manufacturing technology and certified quality (UNI EN ISO 9001:2015).

    Ferval main values

    Ferval pays great attention to the quality of its tools and bases its production on 6 fundamental values: 

    • soundness
    • innovation
    • flexibility
    • customization
    • reliability
    • confidence

    At ECS we are proud to collaborate with a company that places these values ​​at the center of its production and that boasts great experience in various sectors such as: compactors, building machinery, snowmobiles, industrial machinery, earthmoving machinery, drills, tractors, trailers.

    The Essence of Ferval Professional Tools

    Ferval production line has devoted itself to the growth of tooling industry generating innovative products. As a quality oriented tool company, Ferval looks forward to leading the continual advancement of the tools not just through research and development, but also by being guided by what is in the hearts and souls of end-users around the world.

    Using sophisticated manufacturing know-how and strict quality control, the tools easily meet and transcend international requirement. 

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