Loctite EA 3478
Technology Epoxy
Chemical Type Epoxy
Appearance – Part A Metallic gray
Appearance – Part B White
Appearance (Mixed) Gray
Components Two part – Resin & Hardener
Mix Ratio, by weight – Resin : Hardener  4 : 1
Mix Ratio, by volume – Resin : Hardener  7.25 : 1
Cure Room temperature cure after mixing
Application North America – Surface Repair
Application Temperature 15 to 30°C (59 to 86°F)
Specific Benefit  ●Resurfaces and repairs worn or corroded metal parts●  Excellent machinability●  Ferro-silicon filled system -cures to metal-like finish●  Rebuilds worn parts fast – limits downtime●  Resists corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals

LOCTITE® EA 3478™ is a two-part ferro-silicon filled, 100% solid epoxy resin system. It is ideal for restoring parts worn by mechanical impact and/or corrosion. Typical applications are restoring tolerances to worn shafts, repairing worn keyways, repairing damaged housings, filling pitted surfaces in worn machinery, and restoring fit to bearing housings.