LOCTITE® 55 Pipe CordTM

LOCTITE® 55 Pipe CordTM
Technology Coated multifilament thread
Chemical Type Polyamide thread with inert proprietary paste
Application Thread sealing
Appearance White colored, coated cord
Cure Not applicable

LOCTITE® 55 Pipe CordTM is a general purpose, threaded pipe and fitting sealant which is wound from the dispensing package onto the threads of the pipe. It is supplied in containers, which serve for both storage and dispensing purposes. Recommended for sealing metal and plastic tapered pipe threads and fittings up to 4″ NPT (National Pipe Thread) for use in industrial applications in aqueous and non-aqueous fluids. Particularly suitable in threaded assembly applications that require immediate use and may undergo small readjustments before use. This product typically used in applications up to 149 °C