Loctite EA 3463
Technology Epoxy
Chemical Type Epoxy
Appearance – Mixed Metallic black
Components Two components – requires mixing
Cure Room temperature cure after mixing
Application Metal Repair
Application Temperature 15 to 30°C (59 to 86°F)
Specific Benefits: ° Cures under water and will adhere to most damp surfaces. ° Adheres to most types of clean surfaces. ° Cures in 10 minutes for fast repairs. ° Epoxy adhesive stick applies like putty and cures to a steel like finish

LOCTITE®  EA 3463 is a versatile, dual component, easy to use, steel filled epoxy repair putty. It is applied like a putty and when cured it has a high compressive strength and good adhesion to most surfaces. This product stops leaks in pipes and tanks, fills oversized bolt holes, smoothes welds, and repairs non-structural defects in castings holes in tanks. This product is typically used in applications with an operating range of -30 °C to 120 °C.